BHZ-WEB was created in conjunction with John Pugh transferring his business from the UK to a North West France Base.

Before joining the world of consulting John had worked for 15 years as a refractory design engineer and 3D modeller supporting the global Iron, Steel and specialist metals industry.

Taking the experience of working in a global environment at the cutting edge of design technology John was approached in 1997 to join the world of Oracle Applications. With this opportunity, combining initial training by Oracle along with knowledge gained by working with some of the most experienced consultants in European Oracle, his knowledge based including people management, communication and project skills have grow to a high and reputable level.

As an active team member for over 12 years of numerous high profile Oracle implementations, John has become a respected member of a large integrated network of peers ranging in specialities from both a functional and technical perspective. This large network of peers allows BZH-WEB to offer and provide a wide range of services in a multi client environment*. These services include stand alone Consultancy, Project Management, Project Team and remote out of hours support.

In recent years, the world of Oracle Consulting has brought John full circle by providing services to a Client he had 12 years earlier provided design services.

Since 2003 in parallel to the Consultancy, John using his design experience became more and more involved in Website concept and design.

Initially the involvement in website building was from the perspective of helping out local organisations and charities however since moving to France this aspect of John's involvement has become so popular that this too has become integrated with his business in France.

Along with his knowledge, John has been able to incorporate local talent into the web services, including translators, graphic designers and photographers making BZH-WEB a truly Anglo-French Service provider with a hint of Brittany!

*As we are operating in a multi-client environment, special care is taken to ensure client integrity ensuring and abiding by contractual confidentiality clauses and agreements.

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