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After thorough consultation with you we will provide advice on the style and layout of your web site. We can create a veriety of web sites from a small, inexpensive "business card" site, an extensive to a multipage virtual shopfront. Every web site is different and final costings can only be determined after consultation. The following table can be used as a guideline for our charges.

Site size Contents Approximate cost
Single page site 1 A4 page of text, contact details (i.e. email) and 4-5 scanned images with descriptions approx. €150 to €200
Small site 3 or 4 pages, email links, 5-10 scanned images, printable order form approx. €200 to €450
Moderate site Up to 8 pages , email, printable and on-line order forms, designed graphic images and 10-20 scanned images approx. €450 to $800
Large Site 8+ pages, email, multiple designed graphic images, 20+ scanned images, printable and on-line order form pages, registration mailing list. approx. €800 to €1600+

Note, this table is to be used only as a guide. There are a many of factors that have a impact on cost such as the complexity of the site in terms of navigation and the design of backgrounds, graphic headers, animated buttons etc. We can provide you with a specific quote after discussion with you about these details.

In the design of your page we can use company logos or other graphics supplied by you. Alternatively we can provide attractive graphics appropriate to the content of your site.

Our aim is to design an attractive, effective and unique web site that will reflect the style of your business. For further details click on our
contact page.